Gold School Unified Tae Kwon Do

Gold School students include 3- 6, youth 7-12, teenagers, men and women of all ages, indeed, couples and families are among our members. Whether underweight, overweight, coordinated, uncoordinated, in shape, out of shape, shy or assertive, all are encouraged to join. The training itself will develop or improve coordination, help adjust weight, promote fitness, and develop self-confidence and assertiveness. We are accepting new students at all times.

Gold School UTKD collaborated with #8, #30, #33, #34, Montessori, Quad-A-For Kids; EMDCHS charter school, Holy Family, ABC Head start, Catholic Family Center, Community Lutheran Center, Bread of Life Ministries, City of Rochester Recreation Department, Benjamin Franklin High School, CCSI, P.A.S.S. programs, Special Oylimpics and St. Joseph Villa


  • Challenging, fun, and rewarding
  • Develops self-discipline, focus and concentration
  • Improves balance, coordination, strength, speed, and flexibility
  • Promotes self-confidence, self-esteem, & self-control
  • Empowers students to set and achieve goals

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